Community / Culture

Recommended steps are

  • There is a need for a scientific census of the Haitians living in the Chicago area. Step includes the incorporation of a specific category for Haitians in the next Census in 2010.


  • Build a curriculum for the community center and conduct classes in creole.
  • Establish an after-school program.
  • Target the churches to implement cultural programs
Exchange Program:
  • Start the processes of concientization of the people in the community about the situation of children in Haiti. This work should be done by the media as well as by the organization.
  • Write a letter to Principals in Haiti to have a list of students interested in a pen pals program.
  • Contact district 65 in Evanston and other districts in Chicago to obtain a list of students of Haitian descent/origin.
  • Organize a dual Christmas party with the purpose of collecting books, toys, pencils etc..
  • Develop relationship with other organizations working with children in Haiti.
  • Contact Oprah, the city of Harvey.
  • Identify poorest areas in Haiti and to identify organizations and contact persons such as Care Foundation and Wycleff Jean.

Community Center:

  • There is a need to have a building fund for a multi purpose community center. Steps recommended:
  • Explore the possibility of building donation by individuals /organizations that are looking for taxes benefit.
  • Do fundraising (concerts...)
  • Inquire about loan for building purchase
  • Once we get not for profit status, contact the city of Chicago for opportunity to buy building at advantageous price.
  • Write to other organizations with resources and ask them to give gift.  Along those lines explore possible relationship with stores like Jewel, Scott Perrier
  • Contact foundations and personalities like Oprah, Clinton or Colin Powell to help with the building fund.
  • Develop a community calendar for fund raising activities and build a Web site.
Promote respect of Haitians:
  • Establish a Haitian week or month in order to divulgate Haitian culture not only in our community but also in the US media. A number of activities could take place including art show, talent show like "American Idol".
  • Establish a communication committee for press release to get information out for the Haitian community and the US.
  • Send a letter of support to Michele Jean the Governor of Canada. Facilitate interviews with Haitian media as well as US media such as WVON.
  • Establish relationship with the DuSable organization. An area of work is the origin of DuSable.
  • The Haitian community center needs to work with other ethnic groups for joint activities.
  • Promote the celebration of Haitian Flag Day and Independence Day.

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